Turn around and feel beautiful!

Rizvi was a lively girl, very communal, and a very well – natured person. One day while watching an advertisement she grew conscious about her looks.

Rizvi to her mirror: Oh my god! I’ve turned so dark and pale, my skin doesn’t glow anymore. My hair are no more lively. My lips look so dry and dead.

Days and days went by and Rizvi kept being conscious about her physical appearance. She kept on enhancing her looks, tried everything she could do. And one day, she transformed into a very beautiful and a gorgeous woman. But sadly she was alone. She no more had friends. She had grown up into an insolent, aggressive, and a woman with the worst attitude. In the past years, while enhancing her beauty, she had actually left all the real charm behind. And now she realised, having a beautiful heart is much much better than having a beautiful face!

Hello deariess! Hope you all are doing well! So you must have got a hint from the story above about what I am going to talk.

Am I beautiful? Am I attractive? How can I get fairer? How can I get taller? How can I get slimmer?

Aren’t these the questions that have arisen in your mind atleast at some point of time?

Beauty is something that an eye desires, but your soul is something that the heart captures!

Everyone is beautiful, everyone is gorgeous. It’s the matter of your eyes, your optimistic attitude, the stereotype you make for a person that control your thoughts and actions.

If you yourself start thinking positive for yourself, start appreciating for the wonderful life you’ve got as a human, for a healthy body that God gave you, for a beautiful family who’s always on your back then this consciousness about your appearance will start disappearing soon. We all are beautiful inside out . Someone’s dark, someone’s fair, someone’s tall, someone’s short. We all are unique. We all are the gifts of god.

Make your innerself speak louder, ask your soul ,”Do I really need to make amendments to my face? Do I really need to get thinner?” Believe me , everyone loves the way they are, and now it’s the time even we should accept them and love the way they are.

By ending this, I would like to dedicate a short poem to all of you-

Your heart is beautiful, And so is your soul. You are the most prestigious gift of God, don’t let your innerself get controlled.

Beauty recipes to enhance your charming face!


So many of us have been dealing with one or the other skin problems, be it acne, oily skin, dryness and so on. Everyone of us have a right to look beautiful, feel beautiful!

So here I have a few tips and tricks to cope up with your skin problems.

1) For people who have oily skin, do not wash your face more than twice a day. After washing apply a gentle amount of rose water in a cotton pad and rotate it on your face with light hands. It helps to clog your open pores, lighten your skin and gives a rosy glow on your face. I usually do not apply anything on my face after this process.

2) Use Lacto calamine lotion whenever you go out. I use it as a sunscreen, as well as a moisturizer because my skin is oily and it balances the oil well. I don’t prefer this for those who have a dry skin or sensitive skin because it may react and result into skin damage.

3) To get pink and attractive lips, apply some honey onto them before going to bed. (Remember not to taste your lips at bed!😜) This recipe is very helpful in getting beautiful lips, without and dryness.

Try these tips and give your views in the comment section!

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Gravity which bounds us together!

Three cheers to all the beautiful ladies reading this article! Each of us have a different story, full of trauma, some drama and ofcourse sufferings!

So many of us now-a-days love doing social work, and infact it gives us immense pleasure too! So here I’m to express my notions about those selfless social workers, who work day and night for our families, for our kids, for our elders to keep them happy. They’re none other than our house makers. Most of the women don’t dream to be a housewife but the circumstances in their lives, had made them being so. Many of the women have to abandon their career, their jobs, their opportunities and sacrifice them all for the sake of keeping their families happy.

Working women do not only gain dignity in the society, but also they earn respect that develops in the eyes of the people towards them. But what about our house makers? Even they’re working diligently to keep their families healthy, maintain their homes, so don’t they deserve the same respect and dignity?

The brutal truth is that most of the people in our society don’t value their worth. They don’t even prefer to admire them. But let me tell you those women working around all day long, to see you happy, healthy are not puppets. They deserve equal respect, equal dignity, equal self esteem and love and care. They are the ones who keep our families together, who make our bonds strong, who want us to be happy. Through this article I want to give a huge tribute to all the determined women who are working as housewives.

Remember you aren’t just housewives, you are the sun which lightens all stars and moons!

Thus they are the gravitational force which have bounded all are families planets’ together with each other!

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